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LED Panels

LED panels are perfect for use in office spaces, classrooms and meeting rooms, for example. We have a wide range of LED panels of different sizes and light colors. LED panels are an energy and cost saving replacement of traditional fluorescent tube panels.

What is an LED panel?

The LED panels offered by ledwinkel-online are square or rectangular. The panels can be placed in a system ceiling or mounted in a surface mounted frame. The panels can be operated in different ways, with a wall control, remote control and some panels can be operated with a smartphone. It is also possible to dim the panels, this does require a dimmable LED driver.

Advantages of LED panels

LED light panels offer huge advantages over traditional lighting/tl panels. You save a lot of energy and therefore energy costs with LED panels, they are much more durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional lighting. They are made of material that is lead and mercury free. Also, LED lighting lasts much longer than traditional lighting, up to 50,000 hours. As a result, there are little to no maintenance or replacement costs.

Different types of LED panels

There are many different types of LED panels on the market, different sizes, housing colors, materials and other specific features. Below is an overview of the LED panels we offer.

LED Panels with standard lumen | up to 110 lumens per watt

Our standard lumen LED panels have 65 lm/w, 85 lm/w, 100 lm/w and 110 lm/w. The more lumen the brighter the light shines. Below is a list of the number of lumens per watt for each type of panel.

LED panels with 60- 65 lumens per watt

  • Round LED panels 60x60 cm
  • Oval LED panels 30x120 cm

LED panels with 85 lumens per watt

  • 20x20 cm
  • 30x30 cm
  • 30x60 cm
  • 30x150 cm

LED panels with 100 lumens per watt

  • Smart LED panels 30x30 cm
  • Smart LED panels 60x60 cm
  • Smart LED panels 30x120 cm
  • Smart LED panels 60x120 cm
  • Linear LED panels 60x60 cm
  • CCT LED panels 60x60 cm
  • CCT LED panels 30x120 cm
  • CCT LED panels 60x120 cm

LED panels with 110 lumens per watt

  • 60x60 cm
  • 62x62 cm
  • 30x120 cm
  • 60x120 cm

These panels are low in energy consumption, making them tremendously energy and cost saving. We sell these LED panels with different light colors (color temperatures). 3000K warm white, 4000K bright white, 6000K cold white, CCT (3000K to 6000K) and RGB+CCT (all colors and 3000K-6000K). The LED panels last at least 50,000 hours and have a 5-year warranty.

LED Panels with High lumen | up to 120 lumens per watt

The high lumen panels are available from a size of 60x60, in all color temperatures white. These panels produce 120 lumens per watt. The panels have an IP value of 41 and feature a white aluminum surround. In addition, the panels are optionally dimmable. The panels last a minimum of 50,000 hours and are low in consumption.

Back-lit LED panels

Back-lit panels are Led Panels that are illuminated from the back of the panel, this makes the panel at the back 35mm and slightly cheaper than our edge-lit panels. We offer back-lit panels in bright white (4000K), cold white (6000K) and in sizes 60x60 and 30x120. The back-lit panels produce 110 lumens per watt and last 50,000 hours. The panels are light in weight and economical in consumption. The reason these panels are so light has to do with the fact that the LED chips are located on the back of the panel. This creates an efficient luminous flux because less luminous flux is lost. In addition, the panels are optionally dimmable.

Edge-lit LED Panels

Edge-lit panels are Led Panels that are illuminated from the sides of the panel, this makes the panel extra thin, which is 9mm. We offer back-lit panels in bright white (4000K), cold white (6000K) and in sizes 60x60 and 30x120. The back-lit panels produce 120 lumens per watt and last 50,000 burning hours. The panels are slightly heavier of back-lit panels but equally economical in consumption. In addition, the panels are optionally dimmable.

UGR 19 LED panels

The UGR19 panels are widely used in office spaces. This is because the panels have a ugr value equal to or lower than 19, this makes the panel glare-free. This panel is available in sizes 60x60 and 30x120 in all different white temperatures. This panel delivers 120 lumens per watt and lasts for 50,000 hours. The UGR19 panels also have the option of dimming.

Smart LED panels

Round and oval LED panels

CCT LED panels

Water-resistant LED panels

Linear LED panels

Surface mounting frame and suspension kit for LED panels

Our easy-to-mount construction frame and suspension system are a tool for installing LED panels in rooms where there is no suspended ceiling. Both installations are intended to be mounted on the ceiling. The surface mount system can also be attached to the wall provided you make sure the panel is securely fastened in the frame.

The surface mount frame and suspension system are only compatible with Edge-Lit LED panels. This is because these are extra thin. The backlit panels are a bit thicker at the back which means they do not fit into the surface mount frame and the suspension system is difficult to attach.

LED panels available in different sizes

Our LED panels are available in different sizes, below is an overview:

LED panels with dimensions of 60x60cm are the most used / purchased, this is the most common size of a suspended ceiling panel.

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