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LED Floodlights

Discover the many benefits of our LED floodlights and transform your outdoor spaces with bright and efficient lighting. Whether illuminating your premises, highlighting architectural features or creating a safe environment, our LED floodlights offer the perfect solution.

Choose power, efficiency and sustainability

Our LED floodlights deliver impressive brightness and are perfect for illuminating large outdoor spaces, facades, sports fields, parking lots and more. With their powerful beam of light, they provide optimum visibility and a safe environment regardless of the application.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

Thanks to advanced LED technology, our floodlights are energy efficient and offer significant cost savings on your energy bills. They use significantly less energy than traditional lighting systems, while still providing bright and powerful light. Make the switch to LED and reduce your energy costs.

Durability and long life span

Our LED floodlights are designed with durability in mind. They are manufactured with high-quality materials that can withstand the elements and offer long-lasting performance. With longevity, you can enjoy reliable and low-maintenance lighting for many years to come.

Flexibility in lighting solutions

We offer a wide range of LED floodlights with different wattages, light intensities and beam angles to meet your specific lighting needs. Whether you're looking for a powerful floodlight to illuminate a large area or focused lighting for specific accents, we have the right solution for you.

Safety and security

Our LED floodlights contribute to a safer environment by providing bright and even light. They improve visibility and reduce shaded areas, reducing the risk of accidents and crime. You can enjoy the peace of mind that our reliable lighting solutions provide.

What is an LED floodlight?

An LED Floodlight, also called a construction lamp or spotlight is a lamp with a high light output and a wide light angle between 90° and 120°. LED floodlights are often used for supplementary lighting in construction projects or renovations, for illuminating sports fields, patios, gardens, alleys or garages, LED floodlights are often placed above entrances and doors and are also often used for lighting buildings, ponds and fountains and statues and works of art.

High light output and waterproof

Because floodlights are used for good visibility in often larger outdoor public areas, they have a high light output. The floodlights in our range have outputs from 900 lumens to 37,500 lumens. 900 lumens is enough to illuminate the walkway to the front door and with 37,500 lumens you can light half a soccer field.

Our floodlights all have an IP66 protection rating. This is full protection against fine dust and harmful dust accumulation and protection against water spraying at 100 liters per min (from a normal faucet, water flows at 12 to 16 liters per minute). This means that it is suitable against rain, snow and weathering and can be placed outdoors. The lamp can only not be placed under water. In addition, our LED floodlights work in temperatures from -20ºC to 50ºC and a humidity of 10-80%RH.

Dimmable LED floodlights of high quality

In our product range we also have dimmable LED floodlights. These are all floodlights with the following wattages: 70W, 100W, 150W and 200W. These floodlights all have a dimmable Philips Xitanium LED driver. The housing of our LED floodlights are all made of high quality aluminum and tempered glass. They also have a high quality LED driver from Osram or Philips and high quality LED chips type SMD 2835.

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