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T5 LED Tubes

LED T5 G5 tubes are a popular choice for applications where slim and compact lighting is required. They can be used in various environments such as offices, retail stores, schools and healthcare facilities. Enjoy efficient lighting with long life and lower maintenance costs.

What are T5 LED Tubes?

T5 stands for the tube diameter of 5/8 inch, which is roughly equivalent to 0.625 inch or 1.5875 cm. T5 tubes have a smaller diameter than T8 tubes, making them more compact and slimmer. They are often used in areas where limited space is available, such as in cabinets, display cases or thin fixtures.

What is G5?

G5 is the fitting standard used for T5 tubes. It is a bipin fitting with two pins on each side of the tube. The distance between the pins is 5 mm, hence the name G5.

Replacing traditional fluorescent tubes

When replacing traditional fluorescent lamps with LED tubes, it is important to understand the correct specifications. If you have fixtures designed for T5 fluorescent tubes with a G5 fitting, you can easily replace them with LED T5 tubes with a G5 fitting. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting, such as energy efficiency, longer life and better light quality.

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