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Light color

How do I choose the right light color?

The color of light or color temperature is expressed in Kelvin. The full spectrum ranges from 1800K to 16000K. In our range we have LED lamps with different color temperatures namely: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K. In addition, we also have RGB lamps with colored light, these can emit all colors of the color spectrum. The light color you need depends on the room where the lamps are placed. Below is a brief overview with color indication of the different light colors/color temperatures

lichtkleur 2200 kelvin extra warm wit

 Extra warm 2200K

With a warm glow similar to the cozy light of candles, this light color creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Ideal for bedrooms, restaurants or lounges where you want to relax and enjoy a peaceful ambiance. Use this color in table lamps or wall lamps to promote a cozy atmosphere.

    lichtkleur 2700 kelvin warm
    Warm 2700K

    With a soft, warm glow similar to the light during a sunset, this light color brings a sense of calm and comfort to any space. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and relaxation areas where you want to relax and unwind. Pair this color with dimmable ceiling lights or floor lamps for soothing lighting while reading or watching TV.
      lichtkleur 3000 kelvin warm wit

      Warm white 3000K

      This light color offers natural and bright light, similar to illuminated daylight on a slightly cloudy day. Ideal for offices and study areas where you want to concentrate and be productive. It provides a refreshing and stimulating environment. Use this color in recessed spotlights or desk lamps to provide refreshing and energizing lighting that increases concentration.
        lichtkleur 4000 kelvin helder wit

        Natural white 4000K

        With a cool and bright light similar to a sunny morning, this LED light color offers a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere. Excellent for kitchens, bathrooms and workspaces where clear visibility and an energetic atmosphere are desired. Use this color for ceiling recessed spotlights, undermount lighting or mirror lighting to create a refreshing brightness ideal for task lighting and a productive environment.
        lichtkleur 6000 kelvin koud wit

        Neutral white 5000K

        With neutral white light similar to daylight on a clear day, this LED light color provides a bright and vibrant environment. Perfect for stores, galleries and spaces where color reproduction and accuracy are essential, such as art studios or hair salons. Use this color in track lighting or recessed spotlights to improve color accuracy and achieve a vibrant presentation of products or artwork.
          lichtkleur 6000 kelvin koud wit

          Cold white 6000K

          With cold and bright light similar to a brilliant midday sun, this LED light color provides sharp and concentrated illumination. Ideal for workplaces, garages or outdoor lighting where brightness and alertness are crucial.This light color is often used in areas where good visibility and concentration is important. Mainly in warehouses, dental offices and hospitals. Use LED tube lighting or floodlights to achieve bright and concentrated lighting, which is essential for safe and efficient work.
            lichtkleur CCT 3000-6000 kelvin

            CCT 3000K - 6000K

            CCT (Correlated color temperature) allows you to adjust the color temperature. This allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Whether you want to create a relaxing evening atmosphere or have an energetic and productive environment, this adjustable LED light color adapts to your needs. Use this adjustable LED light color in living spaces, such as the dining room, where you want to create both a relaxing atmosphere during dinners and bright lighting while reading or working at home.
              lichtkleur RGB gekleurd licht

              RGB Full color

              RGB LED chips can individually emit any of the 3 primary colors (red, green, blue), by mixing the colors together with brightness all colors of the color spectrum can be realized. With endless color possibilities, this LED light color allows you to bring any room to life. Customize the colors as desired and create a festive atmosphere for special occasions or a unique ambiance that suits your style and personality. Use this color in party rooms, clubs or at home for decorative lighting that can be tailored to your desired mood and atmosphere. Experiment with different colors to create a unique ambiance to suit any occasion.

                Using the right light color

                The choice you will make for the color temperature of the LED lighting depends on the purpose of the room where the light will be placed. By this we mean the purpose for which the light will be used. Will the room be used to work or will the room be used to relax. It may be work during the day and relaxation at night. The type of work also affects the right color temperature.

                Warm white

                If the room is used for relaxation, it is best to use a warm white light color. This can range between 2200K and 3000K. Where 2200K has a more orange glow and 3000K is a bit brighter. Think about using it at home in the living room or bedroom. But also for business lighting in restaurants and cafes, for example, where you want your guests to feel at ease. Also in stores, hotel rooms or outdoor lighting for terraces and gardens.

                Natural white

                In for example office spaces, receptions, museums, schools, libraries, sports halls and waiting rooms, good visibility focus but also a nice atmosphere is desired, here a bright white light color of 4000K fits well. Bright white most closely corresponds to bright, sunny daylight. 

                Cold white

                Good visibility and extreme concentration is needed in, for example, dental practices, beauty salons, hospitals or laboratories. Then a cold white light color of 6000K fits better. This light color is also best suited for lighting and color rendering of objects and people. This is because this light color most closely matches very bright (cloudy) daylight. So this is also perfect for hobby rooms, workshops or work sheds and garages.

                What is CCT?

                CCT stands for Color Changing Temperature. Simply put, adjusting the color temperature. In LED lighting with CCT, you can therefore adjust the color temperature yourself. Generally this ranges from 2700K Warm White to 6500K Cold White. So you can set the lights the way you want and change them at any time if there is a need for this.

                What is RGB+CCT?

                CCT often goes together with RGB, so you can change your LED lighting not only color temperature but also light color. This gives you an almost infinite choice of light colors and you are assured of an atmosphere to your liking at any time.

                Does light color affect biological rhythms?

                Light color can repel the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that plays a role in the body's sleep-wake rhythm. In the evening, melatonin is produced that lets the body know it is time for bed. Bright or cold light (blue light) delays/stops the release of melatonin. It keeps a person attentive and focused. This is also why this color of light is most commonly used during working hours. This is also true of the blue light that comes from phone, tablet, computer and TV screens. It is also a reason why people often have trouble falling asleep because they stare at one of these screens before bedtime and are exposed to blue light.

                Warm white light, on the other hand, hardly affects the release of melatonin. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this type of light for workspaces such as offices or classrooms because this light causes fatigue. In the evening, on the contrary, it can have a beneficial effect on unwinding and getting tired naturally