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What is IP value?

The protection of LED lighting is indicated by an IP value, but what does this value actually mean? IP stands for International Protection rating (sometimes ingress protection). The first digit indicates protection against solids and the second digit indicates protection against moisture and water. But which numbers indicate what the lamp is resistant to. To give you an idea, below are the most common IP values for LED lighting and a table with the numbers given and what exactly they are protected against.

IP value for LED lighting



  IP20 Dustproof
  IP21 Drip-proof
  IP23 Rainproof
  IP44 Splashproof
  IP54 Dustproof & Splashproof
  IP65 Protected against water jets
  IP67 Dustproof and protected against submersion (30 minutes)
  IP68 Dustproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant

Explanation of protection by IP digit

1st IP digit | Protection against solids, objects and dust



  IP 0x No protection
  IP 1x Protection against large objects larger than 50mm
  IP 2x Protection against medium-sized objects larger than 12.5mm
  IP 3x Protection against small objects larger than 2.5mm
  IP 4x Protection against small objects larger than 1mm
  IP 5x Protection against harmful accumulation of dust
  IP 6x Full protection against dust


2nd IP rating | Protection against liquids

IP-value Protection
  IP x0 No protection
  IP x1 Protection against vertically falling drops
  IP x2 Protection against falling drops up to an angle of 15°
  IP x3 Protection against water spraying up to an angle of 60° (10L/min)
  IP x4 Protection against water spraying (10L/min)
  IP x5 Protection against water spraying (12,5L/min)
  IP x6 Protection against water spraying (100L/min)
  IP x7 Protection against water up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter
  IP x8 Full protection against water
  IP x9 Full protection against water under high pressure and humidity of 90% or higher

Why is IP rating important?

The IP rating is critical when selecting LED lighting, especially for outdoor and wet environments. It determines whether the lighting can withstand the specific conditions in which it will be used. For example, a higher IP rating is essential for outdoor applications where the lighting will be exposed to rain, dust or other environmental conditions.

In addition, the IP rating also provides insight into the durability and reliability of LED lighting. A higher IP rating generally means better protection from external elements, resulting in longer lighting life.
When choosing LED lighting for specific applications, it is important to consider the IP rating needed. For example, if you want LED lighting for outdoor use, you should choose a higher IP rating to ensure that the lighting can withstand rain, humidity and other weather conditions.

At LEDWINKEL-Online, we list the IP rating of each product so you can easily see what degree of protection it offers. Whether you need lighting for your garden, patio, bathroom or other environments where protection from dust and water is essential, we have a wide range of LED fixtures with different IP ratings to meet your needs.

Choose durability, reliability and the right protection from external elements with LED lighting with the right IP rating. Browse our range today and illuminate your spaces in an efficient and protected way!