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CRI Values

What is CRI?

CRI, or Color Rendering Index, is a measure used to assess the color rendering quality of a light source. It indicates how accurately a light source renders the colors of objects compared to a reference source with the same color temperature. Below, different CRI values are explained.

CRI 90-100

Light sources with a CRI value between 90 and 100 are considered excellent in color rendering. They offer very accurate and vivid reproduction of colors, making objects look natural. These high CRI values are ideal for applications where color recognition and color consistency are of great importance, such as in the art and fashion industries.

CRI 80-89

Light sources with a CRI value between 80 and 89 are considered good in color rendering. They offer a good rendering of colors, with some variation in the rendering of certain colors. These CRI values are suitable for most commercial and residential applications, such as offices, stores and homes.

CRI 70-79

Light sources with a CRI value between 70 and 79 are considered reasonable in color rendering. They can provide acceptable representation of colors, but some distortion or inaccuracy may occur, especially with subtle color tones. These CRI values are suitable for applications where color rendering is less critical, such as warehouses or parking garages.

CRI < 70

Light sources with a CRI value below 70 are considered inadequate in color rendering. They can cause significant color deviations, making objects look unnatural or pale. It is important to avoid light sources with a low CRI value in applications where color rendering is of great importance, such as in museums or in retail for color-sensitive products.

Do I need a high CRI value?

High CRI (Color Rendering Index) is especially important in situations where accurate color reproduction is essential. Here are some situations where a higher CRI value is desired:

  • Retail environments: In retail and fashion stores, it is important that the colors of garments, accessories and other products are accurately displayed. A higher CRI ensures that customers can see the true colors and make the right decisions when choosing products.
  • Museums and galleries: In art exhibitions, it is crucial that paintings, sculptures and other works of art are displayed faithfully. A higher CRI helps maintain the original color integrity of artwork, giving visitors the best possible viewing experience.
  • Photography and film production: Professional photographers, videographers and filmmakers need accurate color reproduction to capture the intended mood and proper colors in their shots. A higher CRI value of lighting helps ensure that the colors in photographs and videos are captured as faithfully as possible.
  • Medical and dental applications: In medical environments, such as operating rooms and dental treatment rooms, it is very important for doctors and dentists to be able to perceive colors accurately. A higher CRI helps detect subtle color differences and accurately assess the condition of tissues and teeth.
  • Textile and paint industry: In production facilities where textiles, fabrics or paints are manufactured, it is important to assess colors consistently and accurately. A higher CRI value ensures that the colors of the materials are displayed correctly during the manufacturing process.

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